Saturday, 19 April 2014

Adorning in April #19: Happiness

I hope you have all had a wonderful day! Mine has been spent with family and friends and overall cultivating happiness so I wanted to share some happiness quotes with you 
What makes you happy? 


Friday, 18 April 2014

Adorning in April #18: Good Friday Meal

Hello all, how are you?
Have you enjoyed your Friday off? (if you didn't have to work that is)
I've had a lovely day spent with family, doing some yoga and relaxing.
Dinner and Dessert tonight was made by my beautiful Mum and it was amazing so I had to share a few snaps!
The main was salmon oven baked with a pesto nut mix on top which came from the Whole Pantry App (which is incredible btw) along with a salad I made that had rocket, spinach, lettuce, pomegranate, cucumber, snow peas and tomatoes with a pomegranate dressing. Golly gosh it was delicious! 
Dessert was a raw lime and passionfruit cheesecake .... oh my it was SO GOOD! I think deserts are always made even better for me when they taste amazing and they are actually healthy too! Win win! 
How have you spent your Good Friday? I hope you've had a wonderful day.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Adorning in April #17: Lusting over Lush

Ahhh is there any better way to end a day? 
It's made even better that this is a short work week due to Easter! 4 days off - so excited! 
I am thoroughly obsessed with Lush products and tend to pick up a few bath bombs every few months to treat myself. This one I hadn't used before, the Big Blue Bath Ballistic. I really enjoyed it - it had lavender, lemon and seaweed in it and it smelt like I was sitting on the sand by the ocean! Very refreshing.
What are you getting up to this long weekend?
Have a great night!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Adorning in April #16: Running Essentials

Happy Wednesday to you! 
I hope you've had a good day thus far. My day was a good one, it always is when I make the conscious effort to think positive and enjoy the smaller things in life. 
I went for a run after work today around the main lake here in Canberra, it is by far my favourite thing about this city. Being by water is so refreshing, resetting and calming to me; I just love it. 
Anyway my current goal with running is to be able to run 5km in under 30 minutes. I had a break from running whilst moving a few months ago so getting back into it was tough! I started out doing 5km in 36min and today I ran it in 30mins and 55 seconds - so close! I'm hoping my next run will be under 30..... wish me luck! After that who knows, 5km in 25mins? I'm really aiming to be able to run with my Dad who averages 5min kms! 
Below I have a photo of a few of my go to items for running, the essentials I always take. 
First up I cannot run without some tunes so the Lorna Jane Arm Band is essential. It hold my iPod and iPhone (iPod for the music and iPhone for the running tracker, yes I separate the two lol). Plus I love the quote on it. Next up I need a way to take my car key or house key with me as often I'm not wearing workout gear with pockets. I have found these Cotton On zip wrist bands to be amazing, they come in a bunch of colours, are cheap and do the job perfectly! They often have them online, but when they don't they are always in store. Lastly, I always wear a good sports bra whilst running, because.. well, you know. I know it may seem I am a crazed Lorna Jane addict (I am, yes) but I do actually own other workout brands! Nike is always a no fail choice, and this one it great because it is reversible! 
So there we have it, a few of my must have items for running. I'm thinking I may do a video on this topic to show all the items I find the best for running in particular (i.e. the perfect sock that doesn't get eaten by your runners) let me know if you'd be interested in that! 
Have a great evening 

Lorna Jane Arm Band: LINK!
Cotton On Wrist Pouch: the Cotton On one isn't showing online atm, but here is a LJ one - HERE!
Nike Sports Crop: LINK!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Adorning in April #15: Fluro Fitness Obsessed

Hi all, welcome back!
Today I wanted to share with you an obsession that I am just not kicking anytime soon -
fluro active wear.
I am literally obsessed, the brighter, bolder, more out there in colour; is direct correspondence to how badly I want it!
Fluro was a trend that was happening last summer in clothing, fashion and fitness alike, whilst I think it may be on the way out fashion wise; it is for sure still alive and well in the workout world
(at least it certainly is for me haha).
I wanted to share with you today my current favourite fluro workout outfit. Fair warning there are a lot of photos! I had fun with this mucking around jumping and running that I ended up getting a mini workout in! tehehe.
The  LJ tights are by far the brightest (even brighter in person) and they were a gift from my bf last week for our anniversary (I know, I've got myself a keeper!). The crop is from Lorna Jane also and the tee is Forever21. Paired with bright socks from Russell and my much loved Asics Runners this outfit is motivation in itself! Having bright fun workout wear honestly is half the motivation I need to get up and go each day. I hope you enjoy the post, what is your favourite items to workout in?


I hope you enjoyed this workout OOTD, I find the most effective way to get a great workout in is to be comfortable, happy and motivated in what your wearing! If you know that what you've got on isn't going to budge, is holding everything in place and performs it's functions as it says (i.e., climate-light) then adding in brightness brings the fun into a workout!
My number one workout tip: don't forget to have fun with it! Working out doesn't have to be a pain or a drag, if you bring a positive frame of mind to it and play like you did as a kid you'll find the time passes so quickly!  


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Adorning in April #13: The LOL'S

Happy Sunday Everyone!
Just a light fun post for today, here are some of the things that make me giggle on the internet, enjoy!
I hope you've had a great weekend xoxo

Kinda pissed
Why do I think of my sister Sonya when I see lame jokes?? :) Lol! Funny stuff right there!
Anything I buy for wearing out, becomes gym attire within a week. -
bahahaha that's my story and I'm sticking to it!