Friday, 7 November 2014

Dior 'STAR' Nail Polish

 Hello there and welcome back, its nice to see you here again hehe.
Today I wanted to share with you a sneaky purchase I made to celebrate completing the Tone It Up #150 Miles by Halloween (that's 242km in 54 days!).
I decided something designer was in order and seeing as I do not have those sort of funds it was a nail polish purchase for me! lol. 

I went with the Dior Vernis in Star which is a part of the Spring collection I believe and is a limited edition - so if you like the look of it get in quick! 

This is my first designer nail polish as I am pretty obsessed with Essie and Relvon so I never really felt the need to spend more money on something like nail polish.

This polish is actually worth it, yes I'm saying it!
It is a gel effect nail polish which is built into the color. It has this amazing shine to the nail and I've had it on my nails for 7 days thus far and I've only got the most minimum wear and tear on the ends of my nails. No big chips, no need to re-paint, no nail has lost a big amount of color at all! That to me is worth it in itself!

The lid comes off and it has the actually screw off lid underneath, similar to Butter London.

I applied two coats to my nails.....and wait for it..... no top coat! Yikes I know right, it is so shiny itself I just didn't feel like it needed a topcoat!
The color is beautiful too, something I don't have in my collection. Its a dark pink in a sense but sometimes looks brighter to me and sometimes looks more red, a perfect spring color and something I can see myself wearing all year round.

They are $39 each, which when I think designer nail polish I actually am really happy with this price point. When you pay $20 or more for many of the drugstore nail polishes, having a designer polish that is actually of high quality that lasts on the nails well is so worth that extra $14 for me! Plus what girl doesn't want a beautiful little gem sitting on their vanity?
I purchased mine at Myers and I've had a look online but they only sell these limited edition colors in the stores. Here is a like to the other colors they sell though - HERE!
Im already eyeing up some other colors now I know how well they last!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tone It Up Ab Challenge!

Hi Holiday Hunnies hehehe
Tone it up reference there -> LINK HERE to see what thats all about.

So today on my Instagram I posted my top 5 goals for the upcoming holiday season as per the challenge set by Tone It Up for today, and one of my goals is to complete a 30day TIU ab challenge! 
Myself and a few other TIU girls wanted something extra to keep us going and to have something to have some more accountability with one another so I created this ab challenge for us to do! 
A few of you also want to join in which is awesome, honestly there is so much more of a chance of me sticking to something when I know all you wonderful ladies all around the world are doing it too!

So here is the link to the PDF for the challenge:

It will be starting on Sunday the 9th November! But you can really use this PDF whenever you like as I didn't date it at all, just a 30 day count! 
You can save it onto your iPhone if you have one in iBooks and then its with you wherever you go!
I also added in a section to tick for before and after photos as thats where I see the difference the most when I remember to actually take a before shot! I also added in a reward section..... because well...... its fun! I'm thinking if I complete it I shall be getting myself some more Lorna Jane workout gear #addiction right here! 
Anywho, let me know if your in on this challenge and we can all check in with each other - #tiuabs 
My Instagram is @sarahalicetiu 

Goodness Me Box: Item Review

Why hello there and welcome back to Adorn Beauty.
You may recall I have done a blog post and a YouTube Video all about the Goodness Me Box monthly subscription; well I wanted to keep the good times rolling and this month instead of showing you all the items in the box just do a review on one of the items -
the Cacao Protein Muffin Mix.

Now this item was one that I was drawn to as soon as I opened the box. Its a muffin mix that makes up 6 muffins (or in my case a bunch on tiny bite versions!). All you have to do is add in an egg and some almond milk - mix together, cook for 10 minutes and voila! Healthy, chocolate, tasty goodness in a muffin. 

As per the recommendation on the packet, I liked the idea of adding something on top so I went with banana - walnut would also be amazing - even drizzling melted dark choc would be amazing, the options are endless! 

So overall I am impressed with these little guys. Perfect thing to have in the cupboard to quickly wiz up if unexpected guests arrive, or you want snacks for the next few days but don't want to think too much or put too much effort in!
After having a squiz at the website I can see they offer a bunch of different flavours, along with a pancake mix, muesli and more - ummm yum!
You can check them out HERE if you as keen as I am! 

Would I purchase again? Yep - purely for those days I don't want to bake, and to know I've got that healthy but tasty treat as a possibility in the cupboard. Winning.
Have you tried these? Have you tried any of the other flavours? Would you like to try these?
Hope your all having a great hour in the one that you read this!
Talk soon,

Friday, 31 October 2014


Hello there, how are you? I know ive not posted in what feels like forever to me. The creative juices have not been flowing and I'm at a bit of a 'what should I do next' thought process in life right now.
That's the thing I love about this space. If I have inspiration to post, ill post more than once a day - sometimes I have none and I don't want to post just for the sake of posting. I'd rather make sure I'm recording things that have meaning to me, things I want to have recorded on this space in the internet.
I'm sure ill be back into post/blog swing soon. When the inspiration strikes you shall know.
But today I had to share these photos I took a week ago in my backyard.
Too pretty not to share.
p.s. my Dad is a total dork.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Tone It Up RETREAT Day 4!

Well hello there and welcome back!
Today I have my final instalment of the Tone It Up Retreat posts. I've almost delayed posting this on purpose because that means it really is over lol I've been re-living it with all these posts and photos! 
So the final day began with a yoga class run by Lacey Calvert, to be honest this was the first yoga class i've ever done feeling slightly 'hungover' - lots of champagne the night before + little to no sleep made downward dog a challenge for me!!! Lol nonetheless I really enjoyed the class - Lacey was wonderful. She has one of those voices that is so calming. 

Hehe my roomie rocking the downward dog much better than me!! 

After yoga it was brunch and time to say goodbye (sob). 

Emily being a babe that she is

Having my TIU photo frame signed by K&K 

It was so wonderful to finally get to not only meet K&K but spend time with them over 4 days - I mean how lucky were we all ladies?! How you see them on their videos is just how they are in real life. The positivity, happiness and fun you feel through their videos is amplified when your around them, honestly it was such an inspiring trip and has given me so much more confidence to chase my dreams and choose to be happy each day. I am so grateful to get to be at the first ever retreat and experience it with so many incredible, inspiring, strong and uplifting woman. WOW. It was a once in a lifetime thing and something I'm never going to forget.

Last selfie with my beautiful Steph - I miss you so much girl! We decided we should get married so I can go and live with her - I'm sure my BF won't mind that at all right?! 

Brynn! This ball of laughter and light was such a GEM to be around. Through the wonders of instagram I already felt like I knew her (that was a common occurrence all weekend and it was so strange lol, seeing people and going oh hey I know you so well...wait a minute we've never met! haha). Getting to finally meet in person tho was priceless. Friends for life I've made. 

After saying goodbye to most people, Hannah, Sarah, Jenny, Emily and I went for lunch at True Food Kitchen - a MUST if you are ever in Newport or Cali! It was so nice, tasty and healthy - win win win! 

And there we have it. Later on this day I packed up my stuff and headed to LAX - which by the way was THE most smoothest, easiest and stress free travel experience i've ever had! If your off to the states anytime soon use Uber for you taxis, they are brilliant! I got from Newport to LAX and then checked my luggage in and got through security in under an hour...... insane! So that was super nice as I had time to walk around, get some dinner, pick up last minute gifts and stroll onto my 16 hour flight stress free! 
Thank you for following along with these posts. I had the most wonderful time and it was full of positivity and happiness so I am now focusing on carrying that through all elements of my day to day life. I am excited to see what my next adventure will hold!