Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wanderlust: LA

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Why hello there, how are you on this fine day? (I am actually freezing my bootay off so I wouldn't call it fine at the moment in that regard, in terms of happiness however - fine oh fine!)
Can we all just pause for a moment and be astounded in this next sentence.
I am going on the Tone It Up Retreat.... in California .... this year.
Ahhhhumm yep! I know, say what?! Can I contain my excitement? Not really. Do I think of anything but daydreaming of LA and beaches and workouts and dancing and meeting the girls who changed my life? Ahum nope! Do I find myself constantly lost in outfit planning for warm summer days with my toes in the sand? Why yes. Yes I do.
Lose the Freshman 15: Tone It Up
haha, yes I am lucky enough to be one of the girls headed to Cali for the first Tone It Up Retreat. Beyond exited I am. I am actually also getting to spend some time with my brother who lives in Canada! I'm going to fly out early and he is going to come and meet me in LA so we can spend some time together! I cant wait to see him, contrary to most sibling relationships; me and my brother get along so well even though we are so SO different lol. He was my first and longest friend so I cant wait to explore LA with him. 

Me and Goober when we went skydiving together

I shall be blogging about my experience, my typical packing dilemma (do I pack all my outfits planned or pack nothing and shop like a loony?!) what we do on the retreat and of course my time spent in La La Land.
Being that its winter and faahhhrezing here I find myself daydreaming about being warm quite a lot. Que pinterest scrolls for hours of summertime pics which has resulted in a motivational / wanderlust blog post for you all. Daydream with me...
SUMMER! I'm so ready. TIU Retreat
TIU Retreat
TIU Retreat - Newport
Check out these insider tips on the top 10 destinations to travel to in 2014.

United States, California - Santa Monica

Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios
universal studios, orlando, florida <3
Venice beach!!  For info on Los Angeles go to
Los Angeles Travel Guide | Travel + Leisure a pretty good overview of specific locations, shops and bars. 
10 Things You Shouldn't Do in Los Angeles
Now let me ask you this: what types of posts would you like to see? An entire follow along with me as I go on a trip I've always dreamt about? A post here and there on travel and my tips? Fitness and travel? Let me know and I shall do.
Would Vlogs of this trip interest you as well? I'm thinking I may vlog the experience as I feel its a once in a lifetime one for me!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Paris Travel Photo Diary Day #2

Hello there, welcome back!
As if you haven't already seen enough holiday snaps I'm back at it again with round two of Paris and its beauty.... enjoy / jouir!

The beautiful view from our hotel balcony - we stayed at The Prince Hotel, great location - simple but perfect room for what we needed, I would happily recommend!

The view from inside the Louvre 

Sphinx sculpture

My bestie who LOVES art (and is an artist herself) content learning the history 

Venus de Milo 

Mona Lisa

The view from the café where we sipped espresso

This painting is really special to me. When I was 16 I went with my school to Singapore and France. We visited the Louvre and I found this painting (which is absolutely HUGE by the way) and I fell in love with it. It was the first moment I truly appreciated art and the talent that it takes to paint something like this. I mean look at the depth to it - unbelievable! So this time going back to see the Louvre I really wanted to find the painting again to show Torz. We had our tour and didn't see it, then we decided after the tour to look around a bit more ourselves and just as we were deciding to leave I said I dont think were going to find it. We walked down some steps into the next room, I turned and yelled out oh my gosh there it is! lol. I then stood and stared at it again for an age! Its by Giovanni Panni btw. 

After the Louvre we walked along the river and crossed the love lock bridge - it is pure crazy as to how many locks there are here! We didn't put lock on but blew kisses instead! 

Paris is just so beautiful, every street is so lovely. It really has a romantic feel to it in all the architecture 

Notre Dame Cathedral - stunning! 

Loved the view from the back of the Cathedral 

We then walked to the Champs-Elysees for some shopping, macaroons and coffee

The Laduree store was just beautiful, defiantly recommend anyone visits whilst in Paris, its the first Macaroon store in ze world! 

I loved the greenery along the street too

So many choices!!! 

From L-R: Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Strawberry - all amazing! 

The Arc de Triomphe - the one road where no car insurance is valid and no rules apply! Cray cray!

Hello tiny people up there!

On the way back to our hotel we walked down the designer shops street - ooo la la! Here I am pretending like Chanel and I go hand in hand lol.
I hope you enjoyed these photos, here are my Day 2 in Paris tips:
1: WALK! We chose to walk everyone to 1 save money and 2 to see more sights! You really take in a city when you explore on foot and always end up seeing so much more of the little things like beautiful tucked away streets.
2: Again we booked our Louvre tour through Skip the Line which is amazing! No waiting in lines, personalised tour with not many people and great stories told about the artwork that I otherwise would have had no idea about! You can find the company we booked through HERE! Totally worth it!
Thanks for stopping by! xoxo 

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Day I Got To Feel Like A Princess

Welcome to the day I got to feel like a princess. Legit.
As an incredibly special treat for my birthday, my amazing parents gifted me to High Tea at the Ritz in London. I know right, amaze!
Myself, Mum, Dad and my bestie Torz all headed out for an afternoon of piano playing, tea drinking, champagne sipping, miniature cake eating and attempted 'posh' talking at the Ritz; which is such a beautiful hotel.
I'll let the photo's do the talking as they explain how lovely it was, the beautiful room we were in and the amazing tasty treats we had!

Amazing China tea cup and saucer 

My people (heart swells) 

The delicious sandwiches and treats  

Those flowers - oh! That background - wow! 

Perhaps my favourite item on the day - scones with jam and cream, it was mouth watering! 

As a surprise I was given a cake as well! Incredible! What made it even better was that everyone at the high tea having a birthday had a cake brought out for them and the piano man played happy birthday, but mine wasn't brought out - I didn't know about it at this stage. Mum then discreetly asked a waiter about it and I ended up having my own personal birthday song played and cake brought out! Lol it was so much fun, and at the end of the high tea our waiter gave Dad the bill and said 'Sir I took the liberty of taking the charge of the cake off the bill. One should not need reminding at the Ritz and I apologise.' Service or what?! The cake was SO YUMMY! It was full of mango and strawberries - fresh, with cream and sponge cake......I am drooling for another piece now!

5 star luxury right there - it is such a majestic and old worldly place

My parents, best friends, travel buddies and more! I am SO THANKFUL to have the family I do and the friendship that I have with my parents. It is so special and means the world to me.
If your ever in London and feel like a real big treat, I 100% recommend the High Tea at the Ritz, its a perfect way to experience a special side to London - and of course have some proper English tea!